Florida Skeet Hall of Fame

2019 Hall of Fame Banquet- November 16, 2019



This year our committee was made up of Hall of Fame members Joe Wheeler,  Dave Mullarkey and Brian Bierwagen. The committee put a lot of thought and consideration into this years nominee.  The Florida Skeet Association proudly announces this year we will be inducting:

Steve Johnstone for his many years of shooting accomplishments and contributions to our sport

Please congratulate this deserving member of our association on this special recognition, and please join us at the banquet for his induction.

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Steve Johnstone


Hall of Fame Members


Ann Adams

Julia Armour

Bill Arthur *

Al Assad

R.O. “Bob” Beesch*

Maureen Beesch

Warren Earl Bennett*

Andy Beverly*

Mary Beverly Gamble

Brian Bierwagen

Jack Bogardus

Susan Bogardus

Tod Bowman

Bo Bozard

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James “Jimmy” Cade *

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Steve Johnstone

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Thru 2019 Induction

Tom Lause*

George “Lee” Leishear*

Tom Little

William “Bill” Marriott

Lamar Martin*

Ken Mason

Quincy Masters, Sr.

*J.B. Maszk*

Mark McCarthy

Walter Miller*

Kevin Monteleone

Heli Montoto

Teddy Montoto*

Bill Moore

George “Rookie” Morris

Dave Mullarkey

Wallace “Wally” Norman*

James Nangle

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Emery Pappy*

P.H. Parker*

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John Payne, Sr.*

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Connie Place

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Gary T. Randall

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Stan Snodgrass*

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Tom Spicolas


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Fred Walkup

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Joe Wheeler

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Barbara Bozard *

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Winnie Tucker

Symbol Key


* Deceased

# Tom Lause Lifetime Service Award Recipient

& Hall of Fame Member & Tom Lause Lifetime Service Award Recipient